Tea Gardens

To provide the best teas, Sebastien travels the world to meet the best producers.

Red Jade tea geardens,  Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan.

Miss Wu, the owner of beautiful  Red Jade (TRES-18) tea gardens in Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan.


A happy tea picker near the summit of Shan Lin Xi, Taiwan

Shan Lin Xi

Da An

Primary withering of the tea leaves, Da An, Taiwan

'hot Pot' break, Taiwan

Remnants of the ancient Tea Horse Road (Cha Ma Dao) in the village of Yi Wu, Yunnan province, China.

Yunnan, China

Grading Mao Cha, Yunnan, China


Freshly rolled Mao Cha for Pu'er tea, Yi Wu, Yunnan

Sun dried Mao Cha